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Water leaks are not the only plumbing service rendered by a plumber as part of plumbing repair in Penn Hills, complex 24-Hour plumbing repair issues such as slabs and foundation leaks are also offered by certified, insured and bonded local plumbers from Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh. Slab leaks can create panic and fear in homeowners, and that is why it is important to call a plumber who is certified, insured and bonded to handle such a delicate plumbing repair in Penn Hills Township. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh provides 24 Hour reliable emergency plumbing repair services in Penn Hills, PA and all nearby communities. Call us now at 724-237-5926 to schedule a plumber in Penn Hills.

Leaks developing in the foundation of your home can cause some cracking or even create mold growth- these are common plumbing service issues that must be rectified by an insured, certified and bonded plumber in Penn Hills before they get more complicated. In some extreme cases, leaks in the slabs or foundation can destabilize the structure of a home, and that may lead to some other disasters especially when it is not fixed by an experienced plumber in Penn Hills who is specialized in handling foundation leak plumbing service in Penn Hills. 

Plumbing Service in Penn Hills, PA

Mr. Rooter Plumbing - the perfect rescue for foundation and slab leaks in homes

Leaks found in the concrete foundations of homes will require expert inspection. This type of leaks commonly referred to as “slab leaks” is best handled by an insured certified and bonded plumber in Penn Hills. The cost of inspecting and carrying out plumbing repair on slab leaks is very little compared to the cost of repairing the structural damages that may be caused by such slab leaks, this is the reason why you must not ignore any leaks in the concrete foundation before the problem gets out of hand. 

A 24-Hour plumbing repair, also referred to as same-day service is the perfect plumbing service to stop nuisance water leaks. The plumber knows that even a small un-fixed leak can create as much as 50 gallons of water loss in a day, if not more. When water is leaked gradually, the water bills of your home will rise no doubt, and when you continue to ignore contacting locating local plumbers, a plumber may charge you thousands of dollars to perform the plumbing repair. 

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Commercial Plumbing

Main Water Line Repair

Faucet installation

Kitchen Sink Repair

Sewer Repair

Drain Cleaning

Water Heater Installation

Water Leak Detection

Toilet Replacement and many more...

Plumbing Repair in Penn Hills, PA

Plumbing service from Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh – 100% guaranteed 

When local plumbers carry out plumbing service in Penn Hills, they do so bearing in mind the municipal codes, as well as all other standard safety codes that will guaranty the lives and properties of households and the environment during the plumbing service or plumbing repair. In most cases, local plumbers will complete a 24 Hour plumbing repair service within few minutes or hours, however, an inspection of the entire home’s plumbing system may extend the duration for the plumbing service in Penn Hills. You don’t have to worry about this, since Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh charges flat rates for all its plumbing services, whether they are rendered during normal days or during holidays. 

Do not waste your money on substandard plumbers who will only perform shoddy jobs just to keep coming back, call Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh today!

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Eric the plumbing technician was very knowledgeable about where to start to resolve our plumbing issue. He was very courteous to my wife and also explained somethings we could do in the future if it were to happen again. He showed up with expedience unlike the competition we unfortunately called first who spoke I'll Mannered towards Mr Rooter. As it turned out their service was quite affordable and pretty to the point. We will definitely use Mr Rooter services again, and will most certainly refer them to our friends and family.

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  • Bethel Park, PA

    Mr. Rooter of Pittsburg offers all manner of residential plumbing service, including plumbing repair in Bethel Park. Services offered by a plumber in Bethel Park include installation, servicing and repairs, water leaks plumbing service, water line installation, water heater plumbing repair, 

  • Beaver Falls, PA

    With regards to finding the correct plumbing company for you and your house, we're convinced that Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh is your wise decision! With our agreeable, proficient, and learned service, it's a certification that Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, will serve you superior to any other individual!

  • Irwin, PA

    Regardless of what is causing your sewer line issue, Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh Plumbing will have the apparatuses to encourage a repair. Regardless of whether it is getting a blockage expelled with hydro jetting or inspecting the issue encourage with sewer line camera inspections, we can make sense of the issue and get it arranged rapidly. 

  • Uniontown, PA

    Faucet installation, replacement and plumbing repair are essential parts of the plumbing service in Uniontown. The certified, insured and bonded local plumbers who provide 24 Hour plumbing repair are aware of the fact that faucets are the interface between you and your water supply, hence they must not be taken for granted.

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